Vibrating screen and Grizzly Screen

Vibrating screen and Grizzly Screen

Vibrating screens (oscillatory screens, vibratory screens, crankshafts, and ambulances …) are devices that vibrate particles and move them throughout the screen, depending on the diameter and size of the grains, aggregate the input materials and materials. Move the output to a sorted class. The design of the screen structure and body is particularly important as it is constantly vibrating and dynamically loading and is constantly vibrating at high frequency and frequency. For this reason, the lifetime of the machine and its behavior, as well as the capacity and accuracy of screen separation, are very important in a production line and are usually the heart of a crushing, aggregating or processing line.
Vibrating Screening of Radarkaran Machinery Plant with Capacity of 30 to 300 Ton / h in Two Storey, Three Storey and Four Storey Models, in Dimensions of 3 * 1, 3 * 1.5, 4 * 1, 4 * 1.5, 5 * 1, 5 * 1.5 , 6 * 1, 6 * 1.5, 6 * 2 can be manufactured.
The vibrating screen is in an upright direction. The vibration required is provided by mechanical or electro-magnetic means. In some ways, the vibrating screen crusher has replaced the grizzly screen, in which case the screen surface is rod-type. The most common type of vibration generator in vibrating screens for coarse-grained materials is the mechanical method. For screens with a span greater than 5 mm, off-center movement is more appropriate. To classify the material into smaller dimensions, vibrating motion of the screen is provided by unbalanced flaps on which it is mounted. An unbalanced flywheel provided on it. The vibration range of this type of screen is adjustable by reducing or increasing the weights mounted on the axle or flywheel.

Grizzly Screen

This screen consists of rods that are parallel to each other at specified intervals. The bars are mounted on a suitable frame. The best cross section of the rod for this trapezoidal screen is the larger one at the top, which prevents the material from being trapped. The Grizzly Screen is designed to separate large rocks and direct them to the jaw crusher. The Grizzly Screen is capable of separating rock in dimensions of 1–2 mm. By installing this type of jaw before the jaw crusher, the soil in the input materials as well as the fine rocks that do not need to be crushed in the jaw crusher pass through the screen claws and only large rocks enter the jaw crusher; The efficiency of the jaw crusher increases.

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