Stone Roller Crushers

The Waltz roller mill is used for crushing medium to high hardness materials with a compressive strength of less than 300 MPa. This machine is used in cement, refractory materials, silica and feldspars, etc.

Waltz roller machine in simple, serrated, dentin-type manganese steel with Guardian model torque for medium to high hardness stones such as silica and … From capacities of 2-150ton / h with a maximum input of 15mm at a minimum output of 200 micron. The factory is built.

Patented blade roller crusher with unique formula for medium and low hardness crushing of minerals (especially coal, coke, lime, cement clinker, etc.) which has been patented in Science and Technology Park. And it is one of the great honors and achievements of this factory.

The advantage of this machine over other types of waltzes in the world is that crushing of stones such as coal, etc. with low hardness is done with the least amount of powder produced. It works because this unique advantage, unlike the types of crusher available in the market, makes it not require special foundations when installed.

Investors and miners recognize that the lower the output output of the product, the higher the efficiency of production at a given time, and the accuracy of roller welding grading is very high, and as a result the employer can refine the welding. Adjust the exact size you want.

This waltz is proud to provide the client with capacities of 2ton / h up to 150ton / h and outputs up to 100 microns.

This crusher can be manufactured as 2 rollers, 4 rollers and 6 rollers for low to very high tonnage and for precise grading of the client.

The device is able to retrieve material from the conveyor into the hopper, and the bottom of the device can also be vibrated to separate output products.

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