Radkaran Machin Factory Breifing

Radkaran Machin Factory Breifing

Design and manufacture of crushing machines and crushing equipment
 Advice on setting up and expanding crushing lines
 Providing a blueprint for installing machinery
 Supply spare parts in the fastest time
  Extensive after sales service

The company has more than two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing various types of road and building machinery, and has employed skilled and skilled personnel in this field. The company manufactures products such as: jaws in different dimensions, types of crusher with different capacities, types of tickers, types of screening in different sizes and types of scrolls (conveyors) in different widths and lengths … and ready to perform any services It is an executive to launch the full line of sand and asphalt production.

All parts and products of Pars Novin Company are fully warranty free of charge for one year from the date of installation in the respective location, and Pars Novin Company is obliged to obtain customer satisfaction.
A crusher is a device used in the processing of minerals to crush raw materials extracted in mines to crush the raw materials extracted from the mine to achieve the desired dimensions.

The main task of crusher is to reduce the size of minerals and rocks to the extent that they can be used for different stages of production. Rocks vary in erosion, hardness, dimensions, and moisture content, and these are factors that should be considered when selecting the type of crushing mineral crushers, these crushers having a rotor 2 to 6 rows are hammer blades and are formed rapidly, the role of the hammer blades is to throw pieces of iron (stone and ore) into the crusher’s inner wall. The speed of the blades is 15 to 50 meters per second The construction of grain threshing machines Barkhrvjy easily configurable by the system Rglazhsng breaker.

Impact Crusher Points:
The hammers are interchangeable in three slot grooves with six edges for six turns and are used up to 80%.
The machine has a high corrosion power despite the large number of impact surfaces at high speeds.
The machine is equipped with adjusting screws to adjust the output load grading.
The machine has less propulsion due to the relatively high inertia of the rotor.
The hammers in this machine are replaced in a short time.
Consumables are plentiful and have good prices.
This machine is suitable for crushing hard stones.

In addition, the company produces all kinds of crusher and sand grading equipment.

products :

products :

2- Mixer feeder for livestock
1- Alawator
2. Vibration screen
2- Types of crusher
Types of feeders
Types of Screening
1- Feeder Chutney
2. Impact Crusher
1- Jaw Crusher
5- Belt conveyor
1- Sand maker (rabbit)
4- Wash the sand
Grizzly Feeder

2. Envelope Filling
If you are considering buying a crusher please contact us.

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