Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is the most important type of crusher
It is usually used as a primary crusher in mines
This crusher is at the earliest crushing process
And it is responsible for the crushing of minerals and the processing of minerals and sand.
This crusher crushes and crushes minerals and rocks in very large and large dimensions (even larger than 40 cm).

Due to high abrasion during crushing, these crushers are designed to be all-material made of anti-wear steel (usually manganese steel) which increases the service life of the components and reduces the wear and tear of the device

The size of the jaw crusher is determined by the feed opening at the top of the device. For example, in the 90 * 110 jaw crusher, the inlet opening is 110 cm by 90 cm. The jaw crusher reduces the size of the rocks entering the machine by pressing them.

The fixed shoulder of the jaw rests on a fixed surface while the moving shoulder hits the rocks under the force toggle. Specifies the low space between fixed and movable jaws, jaw outlet opening or maximum jaw outlet load size. Stones entered into the machine remain in the jaw as long as their size is not proportional to the lower crater and are subjected to crushing.

In other words, jaw crusher has two fixed and removable shoulders that are crushed between the two shoulders as a result of a fixed removable shoulder. This machine is used for rocks up to 150mm in size. Moving the load is easy. The height of the Tugle device ensures that the angle between the fixed and removable shoulders does not exceed the standard by retracting the outlet, and the load is not easily crushed and thrown up.

The body of the device is made of single piece to prevent fracture and high load failure and the device shoulders are made of molybdenum manganese steel which are highly resistant to abrasion. The shoulders are held in place by the jaws attached to the body and the toggle, so the jaw shoulders are easily replaced. The bearings used in this machine withstand up to 5 times the load.

For the first time, the company has used Fergut steel in the manufacture of jaw components including: Morton bolts, bearing screws, jaw shoulder restraints and a cane.

The ST52 also uses anti-wear steel, which is more durable and durable than conventional wrist straps.

Also used in the manufacture of different types of jaw crusher is carbon steel casting and not used forged forks.

The jaw crusher in this factory is produced in sizes 100 * 120, 90 * 110, 80 * 100, 50 * 80, 60 * 90, 55 * 80, 45 * 65

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