Hammer mill

The hammer is a group of Cubite crusher and is used as secondary and tertiary crusher.

Hammer crusher of Radkar machining factory, maximum input load to this crusher is about 200-400mm and minimum output of this machine is 0.5mm at capacities of 5 to 80 tons per hour in 8,12,16,20 models. The 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40, 44, 48 and 52 hammers are manufactured to world standards.

For the first time in Iran, the mill with a tungsten carbide-based mill with a material several times stronger than the imported specimen with a much longer service life, was reverse engineered at the plant and the largest production plant in Iran is operating.

This machine is placed at the top of the crushing lines and the mechanism of operation of the machine is that during crushing this crusher, by hammering the existing hammer and the impact of the hammer on the fixed anchor causes crushing of the incoming stones. In other words, after stones and minerals enter the rock, the rocks are crushed by repeated hammer blows and collisions with the chamber wall, as well as by the impact of rocks on each other.

The frame of the machine is welded with manganese steel plates which is easily replaceable in case of depreciation.

The material used in the mill crusher, including plated steel hammer, rotor and rotor shaft of CK45 steel, is a single crank on both sides of the crank and steel hammer. A rectangular piece of steel or special alloy. It is resistant to impact and wear.

All of the materials used in this machine are anti-abrasive and work for a long time. And other advantages of this type of crusher are the low cost of construction and maintenance compared to other crushers as well as high production capacity and efficiency.

This machine is used in cement, gypsum, ceramics, sand, refractory materials, construction, metallurgy, petrochemical and mining industries and for crushing ores such as carbonate; lime, gypsum, talc, barite, bentonite, silica, feldspar , Glycinate, Chinese, salt, etc., are very useful.

It has feeder, vibrator, glen (to prevent dust from getting into the bearing), feeding system, anti-friction material and anti-impact ductile anchor.

Replacement of the hammer and disc is easy and because of the special design of the mill, it can be easily serviced.

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