Filter press and copper bricket

Filter press and copper bricket

Filter presses are used to separate solid particles from liquid in suspension solutions in various industrial processes. The main components of the filter press machine are: chassis, jack and hydraulic system, polypropylene filter plates lined with special filters.

The mechanism of action is that the filter plates are pressed by the hydraulic jack.

Wastewater containing suspended particles is pushed into the plates and the suspended particles are removed from the plates and the liquid free of suspended particles is directed outwards.

After the cake is formed, the fluid enters, and the plates are opened by a hydraulic jack and the solids are discharged.

Next the plates are closed by a hydraulic jack and the next cycle is repeated.

Filter presses are used to separate solid particles from liquid in suspension solutions in various industrial processes.

More than 50% of the cost of each sewage treatment plant is allocated to the sludge treatment and processing section. In treatment plant sludge processing units, biological methods such as aerobic and anaerobic digesters, as well as chemical methods such as chemical sludge stabilization, can also be applied to the sludge drying bed or sludge dryers for dewatering and drying. Heat is used.

But in the industry, such sophisticated and expensive equipment cannot be used, so the need for a high-capacity machine in the industry was felt, and this was the beginning for the advent of filter presses.

The filter press is responsible for dehumidifying and drying the sludge produced in the industry, so that the sludge mass enters the press filter and is compressed by the filter filter jack after the water is separated from the press. Sludge and its removal, the dried sludge is removed from the filter press.

Filter press machine for solid separation of liquid in suspension solutions

Filter presses to clarify or reduce fine-grained material

Filter press for use in filtration of pharmaceutical and food industries

Press Filter for Petrochemical, Mining, Ceramic and … Hydraulic Filter Press for Biological and Industrial Sludge Hydration

Filter press for dewatering slaughterhouse wastewater filter press for wastewater treatment

The advantages of a filter press system include the following

  •  dehydrate all kinds of biological sludge and waste (Sewage Sludge)

Includes municipal activated sludge from slaughterhouse food and wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

  •  Assist in the development of the mining industry by replacing filter presses in production lines
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Avoid wastage of water resources
  • Significant savings in water consumption by the efficient use of recycled industrial wastewater
  •  Reducing environmental pollutants
  • Purification of all kinds of toxic and harmful industrial substances that enter nature with water or other fluids.

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