Envelope Filling Machine

Envelope Filling Machine

1. Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of in-line or stationary envelopes in Mardoni and pneumatic models in air and feeder

2. Provide spare parts or accessories for factory filling envelopes

3. Design and manufacture of cutting valves, pneumatic equipment

4. Optimization, installation and commissioning of digital weighing systems instead of the traditional mechanical weighing system in rotary packers

5. Design, build, install and operate Local Packing Plant locally and outside factories.

6. Engineering consulting on the disadvantages of envelope filling systems.

7. This factory is suitable for the capacity of packages weighing between 10 and 5 kg and jumbo bags up to 1 ton / hour.

8. These fillers are designed in the form of one to four valves (on request) that can output up to 240 bags per hour and are designed and manufactured up to 25 tonne hourly loading capacity.

9. Digital weighing system (load cell and electronic controller)

10. With envelope retention and launcher system

11. Suitable for powder materials such as cement, plaster, lime, etc.

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