One of the most common mills used in the industry to powder materials is ballmill or pellet milling which is based on the rotational motion of the machine cylinder and the friction between the pellets and the material. The permitted rotational speed limit is dependent on the diameter of the ballmill and is completely independent of the mass and size of the pellets, which are usually within the range of 60-80% of the critical speed of the mill. The closer the rotational speed to the critical speed, the higher the capacity, but the percentage of finite volume output decreases.

These crushers are manufactured in different batching and cantilever models based on how dry and wet materials enter and exit and steel, rubber, silicone, ceramic alumina as well as rock, steel, alumina for different applications and uses. are

Ball mills are cylindrical or conical, with crushing steel or ceramic pellets inside. In some applications, because of the low cost of natural stone crushing, stone crushing is used instead of pellets, which are known as crushed stone mills.

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