Cold aggregate silage

Cold aggregate silage
سیلوی مصالح سرد

Cold aggregate silage

Silage of cold aggregates in rectangular cubes

Manufacturing of baguettes for storage of chain valve materials in sizes from 1 to 2 tons

Manufacture of cold mineral baguettes with dimensions of 1 to 2 tons

A four-unit machine includes:

A. Body

B – Stands from the corner

C- Chassis of studs and beams

D. Armed stands with a cross from a corner

E- Four feeder strips with European gearbox

F. Equipped with variable speed (inverter) for controlling the volume of charge transfer from control room

G – Screw feeder strip connection

H- A European Conveyor Device with European Electro-Gearbox (German)

X- Rubber strips used of high quality and wear resistant

i- Cold material transfer tape to the driver

G- This machine is 2 meters long and 2 cm wide

Chassis of the studs

S – European Electro Engine & Gearbox (German)

Q- Stands from Manisman tube I- Rubber strips used of high quality and wear resistant

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